Lance Briggs: Genius


Lance Briggs is not very smart.

The other night he totaled his brand new less than one month old $350,000 Lamborghini. He explains what happened next.

“When it happened, the first thing I did was I panicked,” Briggs said. “I didn’t want there to be a big scene there, so when I left I called a tow truck. I also was startled and called and reported my car stolen. Within 10 minutes, I called and took responsibility for what I did because it was ridiculous in the first place.”

Maybe he took responsibility because he realized that calling your car in stolen AFTER calling a tow trunk is not very smart.¬† It’s akin to killing your wife, calling the morgue to pick up her body and then reporting her missing.

 Crime could pay if you people would stop being so damn stupid.

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