Leave the dimwitted chicks alone!


I’ll probably look pretty silly if she winds up dead of an overdose in a few months, but I have a feeling that the recent Britney Spears custody/hospitalization debacle is more of a case of lawyers and judges and media being out of control than Britney being a worse mother and role model than Courtney Love. Honestly, I don’t really get the whole fascination with Britney – she’s not that hot, she’s not that talented, she’s not even that big of a train wreck. Her last year says more negative stuff about our out of control media and our fascination with celebrity than it does about Britney.

In other inane news, Lindsey Lohan was spotted drinking champagne on New Year’s Eve in Italy where she was receiving an honor for her contribution to the movie industry at the Capri Film Festival on Sunday.

Her “contribution to the movie industry?” Jesus, tits and ass make us all completely fucking insane.

One Response to “Leave the dimwitted chicks alone!”

  1. Dean Martin (to Frank Sinatra): yeah, that Marilyn. She’s a looker, but nothin’ upstairs. I mean, what a dim bulb!

    Sinatra: Yeah, a million bucks in the bank and she’s fucking the President. You’d be lucky to be so stupid.


    And here we are today. Can’t have those good-looking girls keep ALL their money, can we? That would be a travesty! So the Sam Luftis and the third cousins have to wriggle out of whatever termite holes they hatched from to come at the pretty girl (who was just unfortunate enough to be born so good-looking that no one will ever listen to a word she says) with open palms outstretched saying “Gimme! Gimme! GIMME!”
    Then the press joins in and next thing you know, it’s the bad kind of anarchy.

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