Leslie Hunt was right

Here she is being eliminated with the same song as Adam Lambert sang last night – tossing in a hilarious “Why did I decide to scat? America don’t care for Jazz”.

Was totally shocked at Lambert being in the bottom three.

The conspiracy theorist in me says that it was bogus and just the show’s way of rebuilding suspense in a contest that seemed over, but I’ve always assumed that they would never risk getting busted and blowing the whole franchise.

My guess, if he really was fourth in votes:

1. Voter complacency and trying to help people’s second favorite stay alive
2. Backlash from all the hype
3. I think people either worship or absolutely hate Adam – which would explain why he has so much more google searches and interest in him, but might not be leading in votes by as much as I thought.
4. He might have been hurt by being the only one with a non single digit number – he was 05 and 10
5. That big spit take in the beginning of his song – that wasn’t pretty.

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