Marketing to Drug Addicts



 Scene opens with a guy lying down smoking weed)

GUY: Can’t you just walk yourself.

DOG: You disappoint me.

(Dog walks away and then raises his flag of independence)

( logo appears)

I just saw this Butterfinger Crisp commercial. It takes place in a college Calculus class taught by some guy about 30 minutes from death. The only students there are three geeks asleep and this cute punk rock girl who is nodding off until she takes a bite out of a Butterfinger Crisp – at which point, she starts tripping heavily and giggling like – well like the fantasy school girl she is. So am I to believe that this Butterfinger Crisp is like ecstasy before it was illegal or what. Is there something about the drug addict that this product would appeal to because the only person who would enjoy this commercial would be a die hard fan of That ’70s Show, who would intensely like it. Was this directed by Oliver Stone? Can you imagine the Board Meeting where some little old lady who bought three shares of stock 500 years ago wants to know why your entire clientele for this one product are a bunch of unwashed stoners who haven’t left the couch in three weeks?

Which brings me to those weird little anti-marijuana cartoon’s with the trippy music and crude animation, where a stoner tries to get his dog stoned, but the dog wants to achieve stuff so he goes out and flies a little flag. C’mon my guess is that every single stoner has gotten his dog stoned numerous times and that the only thing dogs are interested in is getting stuck in the poodle next door. These ads are totally meant to be enjoyed by marijuana users, which in a way makes sense because after all that’s who they are aimed at.Here would be a great scandal and I’m sure it’s true. The government paid a bunch of stoners to make their anti-stoner commercials. That’s either a really diabolical government or the greatest stoner con of all time.

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