Mary Anne’s a Stoner too


Dawn Wells became the second cast member of Gilligan’s Island to be arrested for marijauna possession, which of course, explains a lot including why no one could remember that it was Gilligan, who saved the castaways from that Japanese guy who thought WWII was still going on. Previously, Bob Denver was busted for possession, which was about as surprising as a similar Snoop Dog arrest.

This is becoming an epidemic. I’m guessing the Skipper and the Professor were clean, the Howell’s are both dead, but Tina Louise needs to be tested immediately, especially since she thought that her character was going to be the star of a show called Gilligan’s Island and then┬áremained so incensed that she skipped all the reunion movies despite the fact that most of Hollywood actually thought she had been lost at sea.

Then again, chances are that there was lots of weed growing naturally on that island, which doesn’t explain why the Howell’s seemed to both be drunk for the entire run of the show.

By the way, the producers of both Lost and Survivor owe Sherwood Schwartz some cash.

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  1. Maryann gets caught with Maryjane! How funny! Didn’t Gilligan get pulled over a few years back for driving while stoned too? It was so sad that before he died he was still wearing his red shirt and white hat and doing the character of Gilligan. His first character, Maynard G. Crebbs was the original TV stoner! Anyway, as a side note – Tina Louise’s daughter lives in my ‘hood and she’s hot.

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