Michael Jackson worked harder than Obama last year


Just because you’re exploitively picking the last bits of meat off of a dead carcass doesn’t mean that there isn’t fertile ground to explore. Elvis’ last footage was horrifying and depressing – Michael couldn’t have traded the Beatles catalog for this much of an image upgrade.

See I’m willing to buy your cash in on MJ’s death products, especially if it’s actually well done like This Is It (Worst title of all time).

If he hadn’t have died and this aired on MTV before his 50 London shows, everyone would have said “I don’t care that he looks like Cesar Romero’s Joker – we’re going to London!”

Zero weirdness. Zero nuttiness. Just a super talented, extremely well trained entertainer working his ass off to put on a huge expensive extravaganza.

If Michael Jordan came back and worked this hard, he’d be dead now too.

This will probably be the highest grossing concert movie of all time and maybe it even deserves to be so.

It’s Truth or Dare minus the ego.

It may be editing, but the most amazing thing about this movie is that it shows Michael Jackson to be a complete perfectionist minus the diva antics. He wants things his way, but he’s immaculately polite at all moments. They could show Madonna like this, but there would only be thirty seconds of footage and it would have been staged in advance.

Sure, everyone within 50 miles has been told to kiss his ass, but maybe that’s actually been earned and is deserved.

The only downside is that MJ doesn’t come off as the singer he was because he’s clearly saving his voice during the rehearsals.

Extra points for the half black half asian chick who looks like the morphing effects from the Black and White video all by herself.

A lot of talented people working really hard to put out a good product. What a concept!

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