More inane movie blurbs


I’ve now seen this commercial for some “Mummy” DVD about 100 times (which doesn’t say much for how much I get out, but …) – I think it’s Mummy 3, but for all I know it could be the 37th of the series. Anyway it boasts “Roger Ebert says it’s the best of the Mummy Series!”

Do they think that we’re so stupid that we don’t realize that this could be 100% true and yet the movie could still and probably does still suck?

Arthur Fonzarelli: It was the best liver I’ve ever tasted!

I’m thinking that my advanced age may have made that reference too obscure so I stole this from somewhere else on the internet. My guess is that it’s more entertaining than the Mummy 3: The Quest for Brendan Fraser’s Charisma!

Fonzie & Liver – Arthur Fonzarelli (Henry Winkler) the ultra-cool garage mechanic on the sitcom HAPPY DAYS/ABC/1974-84 was just about the toughest guy on the block. But, in the presence of a piece of wet, drippy brown beef liver, the Fonz withdrew in horror much like a vampire in the presence of a crucifix. As he said “I don’t like that. I don’t eat that. And I don’t go out with guys who eat it.” On episode No. 72 “The Muckrackers” the Fonz’s friend Richie Cunningham (Ron Howard) decided to expose Fonzie’s phobia of beef liver in a front page story in the school newspaper. At first Fonzie asked Richie not to run the story and even resorted to threats, but integrity ridden Richie would not bow to the pressures that would curtail the freedom of the press. Not the kind of person to let a weakness control him, the Fonz finally got the nerve to eat liver and overcame his fear. Fonzie also had a hard time admitting he was “wr-wr-wrong.”

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