Mr. Warmth has some racial editing

Just watched HBO’s Mr. Warmth about Don Rickles, who is really a lovely man. Oddly, whereas the documentary deals with Rickles racial humor head on, it does some editing when it comes to Johnny Carson. There was a famous occurrence on the Tonight Show where Rickles accidentally broke Carson’s lucky cigarette box. The next day Carson interrupted the filming of Rickle’s CPO Sharkey to comically berate Rickles. In the course of this fun, Carson made some racist jokes towards a black member of the Sharkey cast. Now Carson wasn’t being racist, he was mocking Rickles’ style, but apparently the documentary couldn’t handle it in these PC times and edited the actual event, which I’ve provided for you above.

We live in odd times, where a movie lauds a man for being able to mock all races, but then edits a comedian doing a parody of him in the same piece of work.

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