Muslim web site hacked with Maher video

The web site of Iraqi Shiite cleric Ayatollah Ali was hacked Friday. They put up the above video from Bill Maher’s show mocking the web sites’ sexual advice. The guys who hacked it were apparently upset that al-Sistani’s views left their own belief’s open to Maher’s mockery.

Well, I suppose it’s better that they fight it out on the internet rather than in the streets.

Here’s a Muslim guy actually taking Maher point by point rationally – yes rationally – shockingly rationally. He actually does a fair job of pointing out how Maher cuts corner’s to make them look stupid. I’m actually sort of fascinated by the whole thing. Either way, I’m guessing though that it’s time Maher spends some of his hooker money on bodyguards.

Muslim response to Maher

Pay special attention to his defense on the banning of chess, because those Muslim’s are right about that, that game can drive you nuts.

In fact, all you need to do to strike down chess is post a picture of Bobby Fisher.


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