My favorite love song

Til Death Us Do Part – By Ray Davies

What can I do?
How can I show you,
And let you see,
That I am someone,
That you want me to be.

I’m only me,
Not someone better,
Not someone good.
I’d be a soldier,
That’s if I only could.

If I were king,
I’d tell my army,
To change the world.
Then I’d be someone,
Like you want me to be.

In my little life,
I know that the world must keep on turning,
Even though it leaves me far behind.
Life is like a school,
But I’m not prepared to keep on learning,
Even though it treats me like a fool.

This is our lot,
To live together,
Not live apart.
Let’s stay together,
Until death us do part.

Not just a day,
But till forever,
Just as the stars,
Just as the ending,
Until death us do part.

Ray Davies hasn’t written a ton of out and out love songs and one or two are about transvestites, but I just love this song. It’s arrangement is a little English music hall goofy, but when he soars into the “in my little life” part it guts me every time.

This is hardly the marriage proposal that Donald Trump would make, but it convinces you that Ray believes that even the smallest, most fearfully insignificant man on the planet is capable and worthy of a great love.

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