My Gran Torino Mistake


I went to see Gran Torino today, and I was there a few minutes early, so being the ultra ADD bored guy that I am I decided to pop into the other room where The Reader was showing. My thinking was that I’d possibly catch a few seconds of Kate Winslet’s breasts. Now, I’m not really that into Kate Winslet, and I’d already seen them in Titanic, but well breasts are breasts and after all Oprah was fascinated by them, so I figured free is free.

I walk in and I see her scrubbing down this German youth. Full frontal of his schlong and tons of bush. They then had sex, which still didn’t feature any of Kate’s breasts. To say the least, I’m now scarred for life and realize that nothing is truly free and any attempts at stealing will be rewarded by Karma in kind.

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