My High School Finds Me Neither Notable or Distinguished


A while ago I noticed that my High School, West Geauga, home of the Wolverines, had a small barebones Wiki page.

Since anyone can add to a Wiki page. I added a Notable Alumni section, which after all is something any high school Wiki page should have. Not aware of any other notable grads, I of course added myself.

I wrote Brad Laidman graduated in 1984 and is known to claim that he was the smartest student ever to sporadically attend the school.

Amazingly! Someone deleted my entry! This upsets me because nothing I wrote was false. I did graduate in 1984. I did attend sporadically (52 absences my Senior year), and I do claim that I was the smartest student ever to attend the school. Now this doesn’t mean that I was the smartest student they ever had, just that for some reason I think that I am.

Then they stole my idea without crediting me or including me by adding a distinguished alumni section, which included like 2 skiers, a fencer, and some guy who plays chamber music. Ingrates.

It’s pretty clear that despite my stellar debate career and general sense of fun and kindness that my alma mater finds me neither notable or distinguished.

So fine. It’s on. If I cure cancer or negotiate peace in the middle east or say win an award for distinguishment beyond the call of duty. Any attempt by them to claim me after the fact will be followed by an extremely vicious lawsuit.

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