NFL Logic


Doug Stanhope: Drugs didn’t ruin Ricky Williams’ career. Drug testing ruined Ricky Williams’ career.

The NFL is so concerned about drug abuse that they randomly test Ricky Williams nine times every month to make sure that he isn’t smoking marijuana.

Of course, looking the other way as players load up on steroids and shooting players up with enough pain killers that they don’t feel anything – that’s part of the game.

Who cares whether players are constantly crashing into each other with the force of a Mack truck? Who cares whether NFL alumni spend the rest of their lives limping around crippled?

The important thing is that Ricky Williams doesn’t get high.

2 Responses to “NFL Logic”

  1. yeah, but if you’re an NFL veteran, broke, and crippled, you might qualify for medical cannibis…woohooooooooooooooooo! broke and getting a toke on that smoke. oh yeah.

    another funny aspect: supposedly, sticky-ricky THOUGHT about smoking this past weekend on the team’s bye, but decided against it. i guess he really does smoke it just for games.

  2. I love Ricky Williams. That said, I had to boot him off my fantasy team for the far more offensive infraction of not gaining any yardage or TD’s.

    My take on it is you’re too smart to be so dumb Ricky. If you’re an athlete making this much dough & your playing with a “team” of other human beings that depend on you to help make the whole machine go, you can smoke all the dope you want when you retire. (And “Team” may be a strong word for Miami, excepting last week against the Pats.)

    So let me amend, that I love Ricky the human, not necessarily the football player…and my guess is that Ricky too is just going through the motions at this point & it’s a matter of time before he’s just done with it; I think he’d like to go on being a human again.

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