No Gimmick … Just Real Science


There is a special place in hell for the purveyors of penis enlargement products and hair regrowth products.

If you have trouble sleeping like I do, you’re besieged with these charlatans. This company called Extenze pitches a pill to make you grow in a very special place. They say it’s herbal and real science. I’m guessing those creepy cylindrical pumps probably work better. My favorite part of these ads though, is the roving hot woman on the street segment, where a model walks down a random boardwalk and meets like ten happy couples, all of whom happen to be benefitting from these pills. All of the women are way too hot for the guy they’re supposedly with and they all have a creepy “I’m so sexually satisfied I can’t stand it” look on their face.

Like Doug Stanhope once said “By the time you find out how small it is and how terrible I am with it, it’s too late!”

Then again he also acknowledges that no one is out there selling small white dildos.

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