No Part Too Small for Samuel Jackson


I’ve always loved Sam Jackson, but I’ve always been amused by his career. He’s the anti-Chris Tucker (Three Rush Hour movies and nothing else in a decade). In the early part of Jackson’s career, he was in seemingly every independant film around for about three minutes – all the early Spike Lee movies plus infintessimally small parts in everything from Coming to America and True Romance to Johnny Suede. The guy worked like he thought he’d never get another role.

I took my nephew to see the new Star Wars animated feature today. Having heard that of the big stars only Sam did his own voice overs, I had to chuckle knowingly after realizing that Sam’s role (if he really did come in to record it) was basically only one line. My guess is that they simply recycled something from the second trilogy. He says something generic to Yoda like “This developement in the force vexes me.”

But then again given his history, it was perfect.

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