Obama racist talk is off base


Much as I’d like to pile on in wake of the Joe Wilson “You lie” incident, I really think Jimmy Carter and others who claim that the Right’s disrespect to Obama is racial in nature are way off base.

Though I think the fear mongering Republicans that are running around like chickens with their heads cut off talking about a fascist, socialist end to everything that’s sacred about this country are completely out of their minds, I don’t think it’s due to racism. They may also be racist, but in general, I’m willing to give them the benefit of the doubt here. Obama drives them crazy because they are against every single thing that he stands for, and he makes them feel like rich Casino owners in Cuba as Fidel Castro was marching into town. Believe me, no one in the world feels as persecuted these days as ignorant white males.

I think that they are all out of their gourd, but it’s not racism. In fact, the playing of the race card by Carter and others when it’s not really there only helps to destroy everything Obama has already accomplished in his effort to finally make race irrelevant in this country.

I do find the whole freak out by the Right pretty amazing in that they are doing everything that they’ve blasted the Left with for years. Wasn’t showing respect to the office of the Presidency a big source of pride for the Right? Weren’t they the ones that said that protesting your country in a time of war was so treasonous?  Suddenly, they are all dressing up like Indians and quoting Thomas Paine. Pretty soon they’ll be quoting Thoreau’s Civil Disobedience. They’ll more than likely be misquoting it, but they’ll be quoting it nonetheless.

It just shows how hypocritical people become when they suddenly are no longer in power.

As for Jimmy Carter, dude, you are the last person that should be commenting on anything with Obama as President. You’re Baracks new Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton. You need to lay low.

The only hope that the Right has is to do their best to muck up the Obama administration, compare it to yours, and re-take the White House for the next 12-16 years. Keep building poor people houses and stay in Georgia. I think that in general you’re a really good man, but face it, you’re snakebit and it’s your fault that my teens were spent in the land of Reagan. If you want to help Obama, stay as far away from him as humanly possible.

Finally, I just watched the entire run of The West Wing, and I’d love to know how President Josiah Bartlett would have handled Joe Wilson. My guess is that he would have called him out for dissing him, and given him an off the cuff, incredibly eloquent 5 minute sermon that would leave him with the political future of Rod Blagojevich, rather than raising millions for his war chest. Democracy always works better when scripted by talented writers.

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  1. I disagree, race and racism aren’t just about the superficial colour of your skin, they are about identity. Obama is a new opponent to the old political elite and they don’t know what to do with him. That their response is so extreme/extremist just shows how far they have been left behind.

  2. Josiah Bartlett — great analogy! Obama needs to remember that he didn’t start pulling away from Hillary Clinton in the primaries until he started coming back at her with some fire and wit. He has plenty of talented writers — they need to provide him with a few ready comebacks for hecklers and snarky interviewers. Brad, I’d love to see your take on some scripts!

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