Of course Barack Obama doesn’t like America


I think I love Barack Obama just because he doesn’t wear one of those insane yeah I’m a patriot American flag pins, as Bill Mahar said, “It’s literally the least you could do.”

The whole are you a patriot thing is such a waste of time. It’s like expecting the people who work for a really nice country club to love it’s members and the people who run it. Sure if the guy who cleans up the locker room had a chance to become a member maybe, but …

Look at the insane criticisms about how much he and his wife love America. It’s not as if he’s running his campaign on an “If it’s not broke why fix it?” platform. He’s been all about Change, Change, Change, to the point where it’s been mocked. Well, if you want to change something, isn’t it fairly obvious that you aren’t especially happy about the way it is now?

Is it a shock that African Americans have mixed feelings about their country? When exactly were they supposed to become super patriots? When they were slaves? That would be a bit misogynistic. When they were freed? That would be like answering yes to Mike Tyson when he asked “Do you love me now? right after he raped you.

Obama knows that America has a lot of great things about it, but that it’s still trying to live up to the ideals that it was founded under. The all men are created equal stuff that was a lie the first time it was approved by the Continental Congress. America is a promise that hasn’t come true yet. Don’t kill the messenger who wants to make it better.

True patriots are the ones who see the bad we do and aren’t blinded by the fact that it is us who do it. The one’s who want to see us live up to our rhetoric. When will people finally understand that?

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