Pastor Kerney Thomas


I just continue to be amazed by how many of these televangelist infomercials there are. I thought that we’d gotten past that as a culture. Kerney Thomas looks like John Amos in Coming to America and acts just like Arsenio Hall’s preacher in the same movie, you know the one who introduces Randy Watson and his band, Sexual Chocolate.

Every once in a while, he let’s out a Little Richard like shreik, and if you call in to order his alliterative Personal Prayer Package that God gave him a few years back, he will pray for you live on the air in a performance that often doesn’t sound particularly different than phone sex.

“Do you accept the lord’s help into your life?”

“Yes! Yes! Yes Pastor Kerney”

“Waaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeeeee! Heh!”

These guys are making money and sadly, it’s not off of the rich and educated.

I propose a law, where these infomercial religious leaders have to be approved by me. It would be a lot like the old show Make Me Laugh. If I can’t go a minute of watching the reverend or pastor or whatever without laughing then they wouldn’t legally be allowed to be on television.

For half of these guys they wouldn’t even have to say a word, because almost all them have these creepy “I’m totally full of it” sort of smiles.

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  1. God bless you and your ministry.

  2. i think the pastor is HIGH OFF OF CRACK….

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