Peter Cook: Horn Dog of the Year


It’s hard for me to have sympathy for this guy. He was married to Christie Brinkley, he has a teen mistress, and he still needs to spend $3000 dollars a month on internet porn! Now if I had either Christie Brinkley or a teen mistress my internet porn bill would be negligable depending on whether I felt cracked enough to want to check out a little Verne Troyer when that thing eventually hits the web.

After a little research, a reasonable price for 5 hours of online porn is $30. That means Peter Cook could get 5000 hours a month of porn to give him that sexual boost he needs to be able to sleep with either Christie Brinkley or a teen girl. Thats over 15 hours of porn a day! This guy must sleep like a dead bear.

How do you watch 15 hours of porn a day and just not expect every woman you see to immediately take their clothes off and start doing nasty things to you. No wonder that marriage ended.

For $3000 a month, you could get 6 high class prostitutes.

One Response to “Peter Cook: Horn Dog of the Year”

  1. $30 for 5 hours of what? Do tell of this research–that might be blog worthy!

    So, what could I get for a used “Uptown Girl” picture sleeve 45 with a tear in the corner and some weird stains on it? It’s not mine, it’s my little brothers.

    It’s pretty obvious CB’s publicist is engineering a total onslaught to thoroughly publicly smear her soon-to-be-ex husband for an upcoming child custody battle. Honestly? I hope the guy just lets loose with a celebrity tell all about how frigid, conservative & uninteresting Brinkley has been in the bedroom throughout their marriage…hell, she’s earned it after all that.

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