Play the Rush Limbaugh Game


My mom informed me today that Barack Obama’s speech was being widely praised, but that Rush Limbaugh was tearing him apart. Well, of course he was. I find Rush very entertaining. You always know what side he is going to be on, you just have little or no idea how he is going to justify it, and therein lies the entertainment value.

I’m guessing that no Democrat or Republican has ever been right or wrong about everything, unless of course Limbaugh is scoring. Here’s my dream scenario. Bill Clinton makes a speech declaring that Barry Goldwater was the greatest patriot in US History and that Ronald Reagan was a modern day Saint. He adds that taxes are too high and that he is going to do his best to be celibate and spend the next year doing his best to understand the needs of big business as they try to transform the world into a place where liberty and unfettered capitalism reigns.

Limbaugh will, of course, be appalled, as well he should be, and the reasoning that follows will be as entertaining as all six Star Wars movies combined.

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