Politics the Trump Way


I’ve been reading a Bio of The Donald. It’s not very sympathetic to the mogul. Seems his dad was a fixer with political connections and Donald too never found a politician he wasn’t willing to buy. If you ever had any doubts about Donald, all you really have to know is that at one time his best friend was Roy Cohn. Don’t know who Cohn was? Do some research and prepare to be disgusted.

I found this fact to be pretty humorous though even for Trump. Donald In the early 80s had a New York property that he was dying to turn into a Casino. Thus he was quite in favor of New York’s legalization of dice, cards, etc.

Then a year or so later, Donald bought into Atlantic City in New Jersey, and shockingly he became a strong foe against New York condoning such vices. As our patron saint Bill Hicks was fond of saying welcome to the “Capitalist Gangbang.”

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