Reason 1,000,000 Charles Manson is a complete moron


Since it’s the 40th anniversary of his savagery, let me say that if you have ever sent this dude fan mail you are a sick loser.

Here’s a guy who is 5 foot 2 inches tall. He’s grubby. He doesn’t bathe. He has tons of hot young chicks willing to have sex with him all at the same time, and if he had just reined his ambitions in a little would have probably had a lot more new hot young lost hippie chicks coming in every three months. He also has all of the drugs he could possibly want and a bunch of people to do them with and treat him like Jesus – again as I said mostly young women!

And he basically, fucked all that up, essentially because he really wanted to be a rock star.

Idiot!!! The reason guys want to be Rock Stars is to get sex and drugs. YOU, you grubby little thing were on your way to outdoing Hugh Hefner and Gene Simmons combined! But it wasn’t good enough for you was it?

Jesus is what the elite Rock Stars are trying to become – ask Scott Stapp!

You could have been the ultimate corrupt televangelist (redundant sorry). JUST DON”T START KILLING PEOPLE! If you want to have your bitches stealing stuff that’s fine. If they get pinched, it’s no big deal because newer and hotter young chicks are jumping on the Charles Manson is Jesus wave every day. Dennis Wilson spent $100,000 in 1960s money on you before he kicked your grimy ass out.

But as John Belushi should have said at his trial, BUUUUTTTTTT NOOOOOOOO!!!! Charlie wanted to be a rock star.

Charles Manson wasn’t trying to start a revolution. He was just trying to get back at Terry Melcher for not making him a Rock Star. He wasn’t even smart enough to know that Melcher wasn’t living in his house anymore.

There were three Beatles songs with the word Revolution in the title and he instead found a revolutionary vibe in a song about a slide!

If I were in that creepy, filthy dudes place, you wouldn’t be hearing me preaching race wars.

“Listen up girls. The Rolling Stones have just released a song called Let’s Spend the Night Together – I think they are telling me that we should be spending the night together. Oh and Under My Thumb – we’ll be having a dissertation on that song right after I ejaculate thirteen times.


Charles Manson is an idiot and anyone who writes him a fan letter is a loser. Unless they are just marketing it like Marilyn Manson. Then they are just reprehensible.

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