Religulous – Finally, a reason not to wait for DVD

Back in 1988, I went to see the Last Temptation of Christ at the Biograph Theater in Chicago. There were lots of angry protesters and I was lucky enough to get a “Go directly to Hell card” from one of them. The movie was actually sold out and I still haven’t seen it, so the question remains – do I still get to use my free ticket to hell or do I have to actually watch the movie?

As for Bill Maher, he’s preaching to the converted, but it still should be pretty entertaining. When he’s shot by a zealot of some indeterminate faith, I’ll shed a tear in his honor.

Actually, my guess is that there won’t be many protesters because they will all be too busy having “We love Sarah Palin” parades.

If you do believe in God and have some spare time and feel like protesting – make sure you have a good gimmick – be original and don’t get into a fight with the other protesters that believe in a different deity than you do. Yes – stop arguing over whether its Moses, Jesus, Muhammad, or George Clooney, and come together and hate smug Hollywood elites like Bill Maher. I’m fine with you all believing all that nonsense, just stop killing each other.

Then again maybe you could just take the advice of Bill Hicks.

Angry Audience Members: “Hey buddy, we’re Christians, we don’t like what you said.”
Bill Hicks: “Then forgive me”.

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