Rockabilly Rules – OK?

Whenever people talk about great guitarists, they never mention Brian Setzer, which is inane because quite simply he’s the shit. It’s probably because he’s not seen as an innovator, but in the end there is plenty of room for someone that can just play, and not many people can touch Setzer in any style.

Other musicians have written songs as sort of pastiches to older styles of music. I really like a lot of songs Todd Rundgren did on his Beatles tribute Deface the Music, but no one has ever been able to write songs like Setzer’s. Songs where you don’t say, “Hey that’s a nice riff on a bygone age.” Brian’s stuff just sounds vital and real. Great music is great music no matter what year it is.

And man does he sing pretty on this song – my favorite of his.

Stray Cats – I Won’t Stand In Your Way
by fuzz59

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