Rolling Stone Names 100 Greatest Singers of All Time


See my thoughts at the above link. You knew it would be overweighted towards the ’60s yet where in hell is Levi Stubbs!

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  1. Well, congrats to you on the blogcritic writing gig. I thought the initial pre-list commentary set up was strong…made me look forward to reading it. Getting through all of it was somewhat more tedious. Kudos for trying.

    Some extensive thoughts: I’d say Bryan Ferry, Anne Wilson, Darryl Hall, Neil Finn, Lindsey Buckingham, Cassandra Wilson, Caetano Veloso and Terrence Trent D’Arby (laugh if you want) all belonged somewhere, especially given some of the bottom of the barrel names they filled the list out with. Axel Rose and Christina Aguilera? Frank Sinatra & Billie Holiday not being in the top 20 is criminal. Robin Zander I’d put as possibly the best male rock singer of the 1970’s.

    OK, I did notice far far too many references to the “sexiness” of certain male singers in your overall critique (which I can’t argue with) with none of the female counterparts garnering that same praise (which I can argue with). What’s up with that? Aretha, Mavis, Bonnie Raitt, Patsy, Dusty, Etta, Nina, Patti…LaBelle or Smith mind you…not sexy enough for you? LOL I beg to differ. I forgot you like Duffy. Her body of work is still jury out.

    “Definitely sang Respect Yourself better than Bruce Willis” is all you have to say about Mavis Staples? “I was always more interested in The Pips?” is your take on Gladys Knight? “Sadly let her breasts eclipse her talent” is all you have on Dolly Parton. Whew! C’mon pal. And to call someone a “Star Search” type singer when you support the worst spawn of SS in watching/supporting “American Idol” seems puzzling to me Brad, but I’ll let it slide. Tina Turner? Far lower on the list had you made it? Ouch. It seems like in general most female singers would be lower or forgotten on a list you’d make. That’s fine, but if you wanna take these list-makers to task be prepared yourself for some critique Ace!

    I’ll still never rate Elvis or James Brown as high as you do (not over Aretha or Ray) and I would rate Mavis Staples and Curtis Mayfield far far higher than you. I’ll definitely put Marvin at the top of the list, push come to shove. With Sam Cooke, Otis, and yes…Freddie Mercury deserving top 10 status too IMHO. Rolling Stone still really really sucks any way round it. I’d just as soon pick up Better Home & Gardens in the waiting room at the doctor.

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