Sarah’s weak Katie excuse


I love her I hope she never goes away. Well, as long as she never holds office again.

You see it wasn’t that she couldn’t answer what her reading habits were. It was that she felt the question was condescending and that Couric was trying to make her look stupid.

It’s not as if she was on Jaywalking and they were asking her who the first president of the United States was?

It’s not as if she was being asked really obscure things like which side of the recent factional upheaval in the Honduras that she supported. What newspapers and magazines she read was a Larry King softball. Real politicians like Bill Clinton dream about those types of questions. Either Clinton could have done 15 minutes with that question. If she’s so anti-mainstream media, wouldn’t that be a perfect time to go off on it?In fact, if you are a critic of whatever mainstream media is, isn’t a necessary question?

She couldn’t answer the Supreme Court question because “she wasn’t prepared or ready for it”. Cool, well lets make all political appearances on talk shows nothing more than a campaign commercial. Pre-plan the whole thing like a stage play or a Jay Leno appearance. It’s not like they asked her for her top ten. One Supreme Court decision that she disagreed with other than abortion in our 200 year history? She couldn’t pull Dred Scott out of that steel trap of a mind she has? “I wasn’t prepared to do addition of one digit integers – no fair!”

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  1. Wow, it’s been four years from the time she and Katie had their talk and she is still spewing out idiotic swill, from her bus that she’s taking across the nation! This is in addition to her Fox News regular appearances, her reality tv show, her daughter on dancing with the stars, yes – I have had my fill of her. Now, Brad – please wish her away! Wish her far away, please! Wish her into the corn fields! Please, Brad, please!

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