Seinfeld OK’s Carlin


I suppose that it’s nice that Jerry Seinfeld wrote a loving remembrance of George Carlin for the New York Times

But really what’s the point of someone applauding an artist for taking chances, always sticking his neck out, and risking angry derision, when you are in the same profession and have done absolutely none of the same. Jerry Seinfeld is the anti-Carlin. The closest he ever came to alienating his audience as a stand up was perhaps offending people who didn’t like breakfast cereal or spray cheese.

Jerry Seinfeld is the guy you send out to get your audience back after the previous guy offended them – (Hello, Michael Richards).

Go buy another Porsche dude.

One Response to “Seinfeld OK’s Carlin”

  1. I think you’re being too hard on Seinfeld. He did what he did and was one of the best at it. Carlin did what he did and was one of the best at it. They can’t all be Bill Hicks, but they’re two of the best comedians ever to ply the art form.

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