Soft Rock Classics: The Best Infomercial Ever


Lloyd Dobler: Hey my brother, can I borrow a copy of your “Hey Soul Classics”?
J-Man: No, my brother, you have to go buy your own.

I don’t really understand why these record compilations still exist. Wasn’t their point that buying all the individual albums would cost you a fortune? Is that still a problem in the iTune mp3 era?

This is what I love about pop culture.┬áSome guys started to make these ultra low budget video parodies of bands who produced soft rock in the late ’70s and ’80s. They called it Yacht Rock.

The videos are merciless jabs at Michael McDonald, Hall and Oates, Toto, Christopher Cross etc. Pretty soon VH1 has a special on soft rock with their idiotic talking heads acting like they actually loved this crap. Were the comedians on VH1 being serious? I have no idea but the two guys from Air Supply definitely are.

I’m not buying this album, but I can easily watch these two guys from Air Supply, who make Siegfried and Roy seem straight, reminisce over horrid video clips by Bread and Rupert Murdoch over and over again.

The Yacht Rock clips are very funny, and those guys deserve a cut of this phenomenon, but somehow there’s nothing as funny as the real thing.

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