Sorry Paul

Paul Newman – patron saint of the outlaw, rebel, loser.

I was talking about gambling movies with a friend the other night and mentioned how cool the poker scene in the Sting was. Since everything is about me and I’m running bad right now, I’m willing to take full responsibility for his death.

I heard a radio guy talking about how sad he was at Newman’s death, but it’s hard for me to be sad. So many of my artistic heroes are tortured and end their lives barely a thread away from lunacy. Paul Newman seemed to have it all figured out. Every second of his life lived with complete dignity and utter cool.

Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid

Cool Hand Luke

The Sting

One Response to “Sorry Paul”

  1. yup. no sadness there…a full life lived, did good work…worked to make things better for others. you gotta admire that & take inspiration from it I think.

    So, do something good today (perhaps call in a bomb threat to the Cleveland Indians clubhouse). 🙂

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