Spencer’s Job


Apparently, it’s to never stop trying to jump onto my keyboard when I type and to semi-accidentally knock something off my desk. Will it be:

The cell phone?

The lighter?

The dollar bill?

The iPod?

The Charles Oakley basketball card?

The Col Klink Bobble Head?

The ass tray full of cigarette butts?

The mouse?

The can of soda onto one of the above?

The Pills?

The Camera?

The Cigarette Boxes?

The light that supposed to rearrang my sleep patterns? 

He scored big earlier today – spilling the coke can, knocking off the bobble head, and taking my computer screen halfway down.

What do you grab? The cat? The spewing coke can? The monitor?

Sigh. The things I put up with not to be alone.

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