Spike Lee vs Clint Eastwood: Tale of the Tape


This is very much like Ali-Liston, well if Ali had been the size of Verne Troyer. Spike talks constantly. Eastwood rarely says a word. Clint has Oscars. Spike deserved one for Do the Right Thing. Spike’s argument is silly and he’s just trying to promote his new movie.

Much as I love Spike, Clint at 78 chews him up and spits him out in a brawl in about 50 seconds, and comes in under budget. Just like he did when he needed funding for Malcolm X, if Spike really wants to take on Dirty Harry he better call some friends.

One Response to “Spike Lee vs Clint Eastwood: Tale of the Tape”

  1. Yeah, where’s Reggie Miller when you need him.

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