Television Hyperinflation Overpopulation

First there was the Brady Bunch. Then they got trumped by Eight is Enough. If Jon gets together with Octomom, that will make 22 kids – genius. Pretty soon there will be some Mormon with 8 wives and 562 children and it will start looking like the Every Sperm is Sacred scene from Monty Python’s Meaning of Life on cable television.

I’m quite close to those terrible people in China in this regard. I think that once you have three kids, if you have a fourth that you need to be put to death to balance out the equation.

As Bill Hicks said,

Here’s my real theory: if you’re so pro-life and you’re so pro-child, then adopt one that’s
already here that’s very unwanted and very alone and needs someone to take care of it, to get it out of a horrible situation. OK? People say, “Why don’t you do that?” and I say, “‘Cause I hate fuckin’ kids and could care less.”

I actually love kids, but having too many or having them accidentally drives me crazy. It’s because I love kids so much that these morons having 8 to 16 at a time drives me completely nuts. Every psychopath in the history of the world started out as a decent kid with crummy parents.

Population issues or so fraught with class and poverty anger. To tell someone that you need the wealth of the Kennedys to have more than 2 kids sounds horrible and there have been rich parents that were as bad as any parents, whereas there have been some poor parents who were close to saints, but I still believe it should be the case – have a kid only if you are trying to have one, have two parents for it, and can afford it. Otherwise take up bowling.

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