Television without Pity is run by Fascists


They’ll probably even admit it. They’re proud of it. I used to write for free for this web site that was one of their earlier competitors. So they apparently had a grudge against me even before I’d heard of their site. This was back when it was Mighty Big TV. I found their site and loved it, but didn’t really read their rules – and they’re all about their rules! I posted a funny recap of Boston Public on one of their forum pages and they told me that my pitch was turned down and that I was in jeopardy of being banned for my pitch. I didn’t even know that I had been making a pitch, I just wanted people to read my stuff. They came off to me as very geek in the comic book store snobby – sort of like Randall from Clerks.

So anyway, I’ve been banned by them like three times now. I’m always leaving a period off a sentence or something equally as heinous. Anyway, the web site I wrote was pummelled by them in one of the biggest routs since that Battle with Custer.

They do have a beautiful site, though. Like they said about Mussolini – the trains do wind up running on time.

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