“That dog got money”


Remus Pop: That dog got money. That money is going to be taken away from that dog

Remus’ mother supposedly got bit by the world’s new richest dog and mom is taking the dog to court.

The dog in question is Leona Helmsley’s dog Trouble who she left 12 million dollars to. Leona wanted the dog to eventually be buried with her but the cemetary apparently won’t allow it. How strict are can their standards be, they buried her didn’t they?

Leona wanted her 80 year old brother to take care of the dog, but he isn’t interested. How hard is it to take care of a dog with $12 million dollars? I’ll take the dog in and treat him like my girlfriend for 2 mil. That leaves 10 million for some of the finest beef and dog prostitutes in the land. My offer is on the table.

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