The Farce of College Debate

I was actually a very good High School debater. My partner and I qualified for the national tournament and won the Ohio State tournament as a junior – I proceeded to embarrass the entire community when I acted like an ass on stage when we won – the next year they actually had to warn people to behave because of me. Ok, yeah I’m a little proud of that.

As a senior, I was a little burned out on the whole thing and screwed around a lot. You had to write your name on the blackboard before each round and I often went by the name Oedipus Laidman or sometimes Tex Laidman. I have some good stories that I’ll have to compile later, but check out this video about how inane college debate is. They just spew out non-sensicle words as fast as they can. It’s a complete farce and a waste of a really good activity.

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