The last time ever I touched you


I’m not comfortable asking this to anybody that would actually know the answer to this question. I’m not even sure at what age this happens on average.

For couples that make good on the til death do us part promise, when they have sex for the last time, do they usually know that this is going to be the last time ever for the rest of their lives? Probably, one of them I’d guess, but wouldn’t the guy win just one – “please, just one last time” negotiation?

The thing that I would imagine sucks about this – is that by this time or lets say eventually – you still wind up seeing them naked all the time, but that’s no longer a good thing.

I wonder for non-religious couples, what some of the lower age scores would be? Do couples really just stop at 25 and never have sex again and somehow still stay together?

I really have almost no idea what the married sex life of most people I meet really is. No one really brags about banging their wife every day to their friends like they did when they were single do they? “My wife totally took my load last night!” I don’t hear a lot of that from married friends. Actually, Howard Stern does all the time and Brad Pitt probably does, but I’m guessing that’s about it.

I can’t ask anyone much older thanĀ  me, because at my age, I don’t even want to think about those people having sex now or ever.

The friends that got divorced. Now those sex lives I usually know in great detail. They have been basically non-existent for at least two years – five years if they have kids.

Someone is probably carrying on the work of Kinsey. Please fill me in if you know? I don’t even feel very comfortable investigating this.

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