The Persuasions and … Maury Povitch … the 2008 Presidential Election

I got to see the great acappella group the Persuasions at the Great American Music Hall in San Francisco, which is right next to The Mitchell Brothers’ O’Farrell Theater, which was essentially the porn capitol of the world until one of the brothers shot the other and willed it all to Chatsworth.

If there was ever any doubt, check out this clip and be amazed at exactly how white Maury Povitch really is. I saw Geraldo dancing to Elvis once – he’s extremely white too. People should all be free to dance no matter how stupid they look doing it, but really be really, really sure about it before you do it on TV.

Barack Obama dancing on Ellen might have actually been one of the gutsiest moves ever. It’s probably his Bill Clinton playing Heartbreak Hotel on Arsenio moment, but wow I bet they planned and practiced and polled every single move he did in that minute or so for hours. Compare that to Sarah Palin’s oblivious hand waving while Amy Poehler openly mocked her is pretty much the story of the last election, which if you think about is pretty pathetic and scary.

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