The racism of drug free ads!


I love the Internet #9872

I just saw this funny (not in the intended way) commercial and wanted to post it.

This mother keeps on bursting into her son’s shower to scream over and over “Do you know what weed is?”

I was going to type under it – Yes, mom and you’re totally ruining my buzz!

Anyway —- I’m looking for the ad and can’t find it, but I did find a white supremacist message board where a guy was angry that all the drug abuse ads featured white people.

These racists can get their hate on with any subject – it’s really amazing and laudable!

White Guy: Those ads are racist all the kids are white!! We all know that it’s those ghetto kids that are on the crack

Black Guy: I agree – the reason that all the kids are white is because the country only cares about stopping white drug abuse. They want us to do drugs.

White Guy: Wow, you’re right. We white devils rule!!!

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