The Sad Plight of the REAL Randy Jackson


That’s him on the far right.

When American Idol first came on the air, I thought that Randy Jackson was the guy, who replaced Jermaine after he left the Jackson 5. Soon I learned that it was some dude, who supposedly played Bass in Journey. Did you ever see that video?

Not only that, but the Idol Jackson’s fame has so eclipsed the original that when America hears the name Randy Jackson they immediately think of the American Idol judge. I find this horribly sad. Everyone’s always abusing Tito Jackson, but at least he’s still THE Tito Jackson.

The “real” Randy Jackson wrote “Shake Your Body Down to the Ground”. The new Randy Jackson appropriates Black slang from 10 years ago and still thinks it’s hype! The wrong Randy Jackson is rich and the wrong Randy Jackson is broke and doing odd jobs in LA garages!

Try this sad but true test. Google image Randy Jackson and see if you can find one picture of Michael’s brother in the first 40 pages.

This just ain’t right!

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