The Shawshank Trick Never Fails


ELIZABETH, New Jersey (AP) — Two inmates escaped from a county jail, hiding the holes they made in the walls by putting up photos of bikini-clad women, officials said.

When are prison officials going to start watching movies?

This was of course the method of escape used by Tim Robbins in the Shawshank Redemption. Even more insane was the case of the real life character played by Timothy Hutton in The Falcon and the Snowman, Christopher Boyce. His prison showed him Escape from Alcatraz and pretty soon thereafter Boyce used the same method of escape that Clint had.

For good measure the two guys who pulled the Shawshank trick also copied the fake dummies in the cot trick from Alcatraz too.

I know that no one really smart wants to work in a prison, but c’mon how smart do you have to be to realize that it’s a bad idea to show prisoners movies about prison escapes.

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  1. Hey Brad,
    Found you over at BMM.
    One of my favourite movies. Can’t believe they fell for that again.


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