This 10 Yr old kid is smarter than Sarah Palin

Reporter: A Gaywad? What is a gaywad?
Will: I really don’t know. It’s a discriminatory name for homosexuals

I don’t know how manufactured this stuff is but I still dig it. Kid refuses to say Pledge of Allegiance because there isn’t truly “liberty and justice for all” especially gays. Teacher goes berserk. Kid knows it’s his constitutional right. 4 day battle of wills. Kid sent to principal for telling teacher “With all due respect, you can jump off a bridge.”

I don’t know how it hits the media, which leaves me a little skeptical, but the kid is very eloquent for a 10 year old and his father seems like he’s taught him well what it means to be an American. Then at the end there is something that is far too absent from our reality show world. The father affectionately elbows the kid – as in you did good, I’m proud of you. A good father on tv – what a concept.

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