Thoughts on Sarah Palin


1. Isn’t this photo I’ve chosen unfair to all women? I found it on Wonkette. No way any web site would do this to a man running for office. Then again men don’t have breasts.

2. I suppose I should just be glad it wasn’t Ann Coulter

3. Isn’t it odd that John McCain spent so much time talking about Obama’s lack of experience and then chose a running mate that makes Obama look like some biblical ruler who lived for 600 years? The VP’s only real responsibility is to be around just in case the President kicks it, which isn’t that big of a deal with most candidates. McCain though is what – – 117? So this woman who was elected by 114,000 Alaskans (do they even count as Americans?) has a seriously legitimate chance of being President in two years! So be scared be very scared.

4. Oh, and her stands on abortion, gay marriage, guns, oil, and whatever else all suck.

5. Really, I would have preferred that McCain had chosen Madonna, but she isn’t a US citizen any more.

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