Time for corporations to take some blame for kid star flameouts


With the recent scandalous underage pregnancy of Jamie-Lynn Spears, it’s about time that these huge entertainment complexes take some responsibility for their tween profiteering. We have strict child labor laws in this country, but they don’t seem to apply to children with fat paychecks. Robert Blake, Frankie Lymon, Michael Jackson, Danny Bonaduce, Edward Furlong, Britney Spears, Jonathan Brandis, Lindsey Lohan, Dana Plato: when will it be enough?

These corporations owe these kids more than a tutor and money for their parents to illegally squander. These kids need counselors to help them adjust to their perhaps brief time in the spotlight. They need to be prepared for what to expect and be taught by the top professionals around on exactly what it takes to become Jodie Foster and not Dana Plato. Right now the only corporation looking after young female has beens has unfortunately been Playboy Magazine.

Oh and by the way, Topanga from Boy Meets World just got busted for DUI.

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