Time to sell Simon Cowell short?


One of the things I’ve always thought was a little bogus about American Idol (Hell, I love that show but there are at least 1000) is that Simon Cowell basically tells everyone who to vote for at the end of the final show and I’m pretty sure that every person he’s anointed has won easily. Imagine my shock to see that after he almost got down on his knees and begged America to vote for David Archuleta that David Cook had a huge lead on both Dial Idol and Tradesports.

Forget the ratings dip. If Simon’s infallible manipulation fails, maybe the show really has peaked!

As for me, it was obviously Archuleta’s best week ever (and after all he obiously wants it 1000 times more than Cook), but it wasn’t nearly they KO that Cowell depicted. Cook was a sliver behind in round one. I thought he was 100 times better in round two. Round three he had to deal with Archuleta singing the Ace up his sleeve and going last. If I was judging just on tonight I’d say DA was slightly better than DC, although DC still fits my tastes better.

If you look at the whole season Cook was a 1000 times more interesting, and every bit the pure singer. Archuleta shouldn’t be allowed to bore me to death for twenty weeks and still win.

Go DC, I’m dying to see what Cowell says when he realizes the world has finally had enough of his machinations! Because really who cares who wins, I just want to see funny shit happen.

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