Watch the Fresh Prince – Boycott the JDL


God, today is a tough day for me. I’m such a huge fan of the Fresh Prince of Bel Air, but I’m also Jewish, and now I have to pick sides after Will decided to reference Hitler and the JDL immediately called for a boycott. OK, I choose the Fresh Prince.

I need to get one of those JDL jobs where they pay you to read all of the world’s newspapers to see if anyone is making any anti-semitic slurs or belittling the memory of the Holocaust. While, snagging Mel Gibson was a huge coup for the JDL, Will Smith said absolutely nothing wrong. He didn’t even come close to saying something wrong. Calling for a boycott of his movies is irresponsible and detestable. Get a life.

Will, was trying to make a point and in doing so was looking to talk about the most reprehensible person in history and chose Hitler. I doubt he has any swastikas in his basement. Will’s only real crime was suggesting that Hitler might have been deluded enough to actually believe that he was doing the right thing.

Is it possible that Hitler was so truly evil that he woke up and said to himself, “I am the true source of evil in the world, hmm what race can I eliminate today to show my contempt for all that is good?” I suppose, but I’m going to guess that Will was right when he said that Hitler was so deluded that he probably thought his actions were warrented. I suppose I fall into a trap just by discussing it, but I am going on record as encouraging people to go see Will Smith movies, and to boycott the JDL for being insanely oversensitive. Plus, the movies that the JDL release are really sad and depressing and are never set to any good beats.

The world would be a lot better place if people were only offended when somebody was actually trying to offend them.

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