Wesley Snipes not as Smart as I Thought


I know that there are crackpots out there who claim that you have no real obligation to pay taxes. I just didn’t think that Wesley Snipes was stupid enough to believe them. Didn’t this guy see what they did to Redd Foxx and Willie Nelson? Doesn’t he realize that when they take you to court and try you for tax evasion that the Judge is paid with tax dollars? It’s like a football game where the referees are paid to fix the game and everyone knows about it beforehand. Well, everyone except Wesley who was the only one stupid enough not to get the memo.

In 2006, the IRS collected  2.4 Trillion Dollars – apparently Wesley thought that everyone else was just really generous and pleased enough with their Government to voluntarily contribute.

This whole thing totally ruins the credibility of Passenger 57 for me.

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