Who’s sicker Debra Lafave or Nancy Grace’s Fill In?


Debra Lafave apparently violated her parole. She was the hot teacher with the 14 year old. She apparently had sexual conversations with a 17 female co-worker. I find the whole thing sick, and by that I mean the segment I watched of the Nancy Grace show where some woman acted outraged as she interviewed her ex-husband who is peddling a book and also acted outraged. Essentially, everyone working on the show was wetting themselves with pictures of a hot blonde and lurid tales of statutory rape and lesbianism. It honestly made me suddenly think of pornographers as having integrity. At least Larry Flynt will tell you up front how he makes his money.

One Response to “Who’s sicker Debra Lafave or Nancy Grace’s Fill In?”

  1. publicity sells ye without sin cast the first stone.. alot of people have sexual needs im sure there are countries where young girls and boys are being married off from there families..as young as fifteen..get a grip cast the first stone at her cast it all over then sin is sin……i wounder what your sins are…

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