Will someone please spay Michelle Duggar?


I don’t watch Animal Planet or whatever channel these idiots are on, but someone needs to either spay Michelle Duggar or shoot her idiot sperm filled husband Joe Bob. Michelle just weakly popped out her 19th kid.

Now don’t accuse me of hating the wonderful experience of giving birth (which sea slugs can also do by the way), I love kids, but no one should have more than three. It’s as simple as that. I’d pass that law tomorrow. You get pregnant for the fourth time and we have to shoot you or give you an abortion, whatever your values are – you choose.

It’s bad enough when some fertility enhanced dying to be a mom women pop out sextuplets, but the Duggar’s, idiots that they are, have had 19 kids and most of them one at a time.

Apparently, Michelle had a miscarriage and they decided to blame it on birth control. I’m no doctor, but it sounds like blaming the turnpike toll on the fact that you crashed into a semi. That was forced, I apologize.

Since then Joe Bob and Michelle have decided to leave it up to God to decide how many children they will have.


Look you cretinous, fundamental twits. We don’t need to call Kirk Cameron in on this one. It’s not like it’s creation and it happened maybe 500 or so years ago. We’ve figured this one out. Your dog has it figured out. You ejaculate into your wife once or twice a week and you will eventually have a baby. God made this automatic because he has better things to do than decide whether your wife will ever run out of eggs.

I’ve yelled at friends before about the unworthiness of the pull out method. I’ve even refused the opportunity to use it when I didn’t have a condom, but for the Duggars I’m begging that they consider at least that. If God really wants you to have number 20 then let him make your sperm find their way home from off of Michelle’s face.

I don’t even care if they can afford these kids. You can’t raise a family like a summer camp for orphans, which there are plenty of – so if you insist on going for thirty – there are plenty of young children that Madonna and Angelina Jolie don’t have time to pick up on their way home from Ghana.

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