Would you go down on this guy for free?


At first I have to admit that I felt really bad for Elliot Spitzer’s wife having to stand up there next to her cheating, whore banging man like an ashamed prop, but then I started thinking. If I was this guy’s wife, would I want to have sex with him? The male sex drive can make a man completely insane right up to the moment that he comes, at which point he feels like a complete idiot. As Doug Stanhope said, “And I’ve had hookers before, about 6, 8, 15 hookers in my life. I never woke up the next day going: ‘Man, I’m glad I got a hooker last night; I’m a genius.’ You say I could have jerked off and saved $165. Now I have to check my dick for spots for the next six months?”

Part of me thinks that maybe if Spitzer hadn’t become Governor by busting so many powerful people that he wouldn’t have gone down, but that’s too depressing for me to think about right now.

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