Wow – American Idol has done good things

And I don’t mean in a Hitler loved dogs way either.

Jeff Buckley’s “Hallelujah” hit number one because a stoned spanish kid dug it and sang it on that show.

Decide yourself if that and and this song about the inspiration of Patti Smith make you forgive them for creating the term Faux-hawk.

Stolen from Wikipedia

KT Tunstall’s North American break came when American Idol contestant Katharine McPhee contacted her asking to use “Black Horse and the Cherry Tree” as her choice for a Billboard-themed week. At the time, the song was #79 on the Billboard charts. Tunstall had not been shy with her opinions regarding shows like Idol saying “The major problem I have is that it’s completely controlled… they’re told what to say. They’re told how to sing.” She chose to license the song as she felt that “no one on that show told Katharine McPhee to sing my song because no one knew it”.Tunstall’s belief was correct – the song was suggested to McPhee by Billboard columnist and author Fred Bronson. The song immediately jumped to #23 on the Billboard charts the week following McPhee’s performance.[9] She has later said “My status as a musician in America is pretty much cemented by Katharine McPhee, which is really interesting and funny for me because I’ve never been polite about how I feel about shows like that.”

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